95mm High Pressure Dilatometer

Notation and abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used throughout the working instructions for Cambridge Insitu pressuremeters:-

ADM – Adiprene Membrane

BFC – Ball Foot Clamp

CDU – Cutter Drive Unit

CHL – Chinese Lantern

CI – Cambridge Insitu

DMM – Digital Multi-Meter

DVM – Digital Volt-Meter

EIU – Electronic Interface Unit

EPC – Effective Pressure Cell

FESU – Fluid-to-Electricity Separating Union

GESU – Gas-to-Electricity Separating Union

HCP – Hydraulic Control Panel

Fitting re-usable hydraulic and pneumatic couplings

The alencoflex couplings on the instrument hose, and the hydraulic couplings on the power pack are almost all of a re-usable design and are fitted in a similar manner:-

  1. Make sure that the end of the hose is cut square, with no ragged ends of steel braid protruding.

  2. In the case of hydraulic couplings it is important to match the coupling to the hose – we use 'non-skive one wire' fittings throughout.

Using a spreadsheet to derive calibration factors

Note: templates for the techniques discussed in this recipe are attached above. Both Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled Worksheet and LibreOffice Open Document Spreadsheet formats are available. These templates can be used to record a full calibration history for our instruments.


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