Self-boring pressuremeter

Raising the instrument from the bottom of a hole

NOTE: Figures and pdf version still required.

Raising instrument when working with hydraulic power pack

  1. When the instrument is to be removed from the borehole, remove the Cutter Drive Unit and water swivel and place out of the way.

  2. Connect the CDU hydraulic hoses together and lay out of the way.

  3. Remove the short 2" casing adaptor rod on which the CDU sits.

  4. Remove the short CDU cutter drive rod.

Fitting the cutter

Note: Figures and pdf version still required.

There are two kinds of cutting device that are frequently used with the SBP:

a) A rock roller bit

b) A flat bladed drag bit.

Both are carried in a similar manner and use the same drill string. What is described now is appropriate for a flat blade cutter, but the procedure also applies to the rock roller bit.

See Figure 5-1 for an assembly drawing of the lower end of the instrument.


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