Products and Services

This section provides detailed information on our products and services.


73mm and 95mm High Pressure DilatometersWe design, develop, manufacture and use on site pressuremeters for measuring insitu the stiffness and strength of soils and rocks. Our devices are found world wide and have been used on many important civil engineering projects. The image left shows 73mm and 95mm High Pressure Dilatometers (click for full-size).

Electronics and Gas Control     

Our pressuremeters contain accurate electronic transducers that provide us with high resolution data signals during the testing process. We develop and manufacture our own interface and control units to connect the instruments to logging computers. We also develop strain and pressure control panels to monitor and control instruments during the test.

Data Logging and Analysis Software       

We have developed a suite of dedicated logging and analysis software to record and analyse tests carried out with our pressuremeters. This gives us experience in the design and manufacture of data logging systems and software for recording and displaying data. This expertise allows us to provide solutions to custom logging and analysis applications.

Loadcells & Strain Gauging        Total Pressure Cell with metal diaphragm and circular strain gauge

We make load cells and similar devices that use strain gauges, to our own design and also in co-operation with others. The image right shows a Total Pressure Cell as fitted to our High Pressure Dilatometer. The cell uses a circular strain gauge bonded onto a metal diaphragm and offers a resolution of better than 0.1kPa.  (click for full-size).