Electronics and Gas Control

We have a number of electronic and control interfaces for our instruments. Combinations of these units are included in the scope of delivery for pressuremeter testing systems.

Electrical Interface Unit

Converts the pressuremeter's transducer signals into a format suitable for the logging software on the attached computer. It also provides a number of indications and realtime readings for test operators to monitor the state of the instrument and pressures within the system. The EIU connects to a computer using a serial RS232 link and the information is displayed and logged in the WINLog software.

Strain Control Unit

Adds functionality to monitor and control the pressure within the instrument in realtime. The SCU automatically carries out expansion of the pressuremeter at constant rates of strain. A wide choice of rates of strain is provided, both up and down, and any value of strain may be held constant indefinitely.

Simple Pneumatic Control Panel


Pressure Control Unit