Data Logging and Analysis Software

We have considerable experience in the design and development of logging and analysis software. Our own logging and analysis packages work with our instruments to record and subsequently analyse the results of pressuremeter testing.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss custom logging or analysis software development.


WINLog is used by site operators when carrying out insitu testing with our instruments. It logs data from the probe transducers in a format suitable for further analysis. WINLog is compatible with all of our instruments and allows for the configuration of calibration and membrane correction parameters.

WINLog also provides a realtime display of the transducer outputs. This display is used for calibration of the instrument and is useful for checking for correct operation.


WINSITU is a program that takes test data logged with WINLog and generates pressure versus displacement curves to which the user can apply a range of standard analysis methods. Typically, any single analysis routine offers a view of part of the pressure:strain curve plotted on appropriate scales. Changes of gradient or breakpoints in the plotted data denote significant soil parameters. A graphical interface with on screen tools is used to mark these breakpoints or obtain the slope of applicable gradients.

The graphical and numerical output from WINSITU is used to support decisions and forms a significant part of the reporting for our testing.