Fitting re-usable hydraulic and pneumatic couplings

The alencoflex couplings on the instrument hose, and the hydraulic couplings on the power pack are almost all of a re-usable design and are fitted in a similar manner:-

  1. Make sure that the end of the hose is cut square, with no ragged ends of steel braid protruding.

  2. In the case of hydraulic couplings it is important to match the coupling to the hose – we use 'non-skive one wire' fittings throughout.

  3. Lubricate the ends of the hose with a little silicon grease and screw on the outer fitting – note that it is a LEFT HAND thread. Usually the fitting can be screwed on most of the way by hand, with the hose needing to be held in a vice for a final turn or two.

  4. The outer fitting normally butts up to a shoulder. Back the fitting off 1/2 turn.

  5. Hold the outer fitting in a vice, and screw on the inner coupling. This is normal right hand thread:-

    1. Make sure that the end of the coupling is smeared with a little silicon grease

    2. Make sure that it is not folding over or shaving the inner wall of the hose.

  6. In the case of hydraulic fittings, it is as well to flush the hose to remove any metal or rubber swarf which may possibly damage other components in the system.

Pressure check the hose.

Pressuremeter references: