Notation and abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used throughout the working instructions for Cambridge Insitu pressuremeters:-

ADM – Adiprene Membrane

BFC – Ball Foot Clamp

CDU – Cutter Drive Unit

CHL – Chinese Lantern

CI – Cambridge Insitu

DMM – Digital Multi-Meter

DVM – Digital Volt-Meter

EIU – Electronic Interface Unit

EPC – Effective Pressure Cell

FESU – Fluid-to-Electricity Separating Union

GESU – Gas-to-Electricity Separating Union

HCP – Hydraulic Control Panel

HGF – Hydraulic Ground Frame, more commonly known as Hydraulic Rams

HPD – High Pressure Dilatometer

HPP – Hydraulic Power Pack

MPX – Multiplexed

PCP – Pressure Control Panel

PPC – Pore Pressure Cell

RBM – Rubber Bag Machine, affectionate version of SBP

RPM – Reduced/Radial Pressuremeter

RR – Rock Roller bit

SBP – Self Boring Pressuremeter

SCU – Strain Control Unit

TPC – Total Pressure Cell

WP – Water Pump

Pressuremeter references: